Body Treatments

Body Restoration

This hydrating body repair treatment combines a gentle exfoliation with a deeply relaxing wrap and scalp massage. Skin is left super soft and glowing.

60 minutes - $75

Body Melt Customized Massage

Includes a moisturizing hand treatment, luxurious foot treatment and relaxing scalp treatment.

90 minutes - $100

Sea Salt Treatment

Relaxation and rejuvenation - Dead Sea salts prepare the skin for a hot stone massage.

90 minutes - $120

Skin Polish

Skin is polished with mineral salts to remove dead skin cells and stimulate blood circulation leaving skin with a softer, smoother appearance.

50 minutes - $80

Back Treatment

This treatment targets the areas that are hardest to reach. Customized to your skin type, it is most beneficial for skin that is prone to acne. Relax while the skin is cleansed and dead skin is exfoliated away. A masque is applied to your back and a relaxing back massage completes this treatment.



This body mask stimulates circulation, giving skin a firmer, more toned and youthful appearance. A firming mask is then massaged into the skin, promoting a healthy detoxifying effect. Ideal for new moms or anyone with rapid weight loss. Also a soothing, reparative solution after sun exposure.

90 minutes - $120