Customized Massage

A variety of styles - Swedish, Deep Tissue, Pressure Point Techniques - address individual concerns.

60 minutes - $70

90 Minutes - $110

Express Massage

A targeted and effective treatment.  Focuses on one of two areas of the body to receive maximum results with minimum time.

20 minutes - $30

30 minutes - $40

De-Stress Hot Stone Massage

Hot stones are used along with a customized massage to rid the body of stress.

60 minutes - $85

90 minutes - $110

Massage for Mind and Body

Aromatherapy with customized oils focused along the spine and followed by light to medium Swedish and Neuromuscular techniques.

60 minutes - $75

Expectant Mother Massage

A gentle and soothing massage specifically designed for expectant mothers.  Custom oils condition the skin as curculation is improved and stress is relieved.

50 minutes - $65